Sleeping on stomach during pregnancy : is it safe according to medical experts ?

Sleeping on stomach during pregnancy : is it safe according to medical experts ?
At last, here is an answer for a better sleep while pregnant !

Based on our survey, more than one woman in three has a great deal of trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep while pregnant. The Eclosion® Mattress ensures, first of all, long lasting sleeping comfort for two (up to 10 years).
It is very thick (27 cm), offers high resiliency and half firm half soft support. The innovation resides in the fact that the mattress can be converted easily during pregnancy.
This allows the mum-to-be to continue sleeping as usual on her back, on her side and even on her tummy - thanks to an inflatable cushion that can be fitted into the mattress. The Eclosion® Mattress is made entirely in France and was validated by medical experts before it was patented.

What did they say ?

Doctor Jean-Pierre Laplace, obstetrician 
Polyclinic Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine - France

« This Eclosion Mattress gives a level of comfort to patients that was virtually impossible to find before now, except maybe with a DIY solution made with several pillows.  Adjusting the pressure in the inflatable maternity cushion allows the womb to settle comfortably in the abdominal cavity thus preventing ligamentary pain or the risk of compressing the lateral vessels.» 

Doctor E. Charrin, GP and mesotherapist
Maison médicale de l'Oseraie - Osny (95) - France

"As a mesotherapist and GP, I meet a lot of pregnant women who suffer from lower back pain and who cannot find a position in bed that gives them any relief. 
The Eclosion Mattress now makes sleeping on your tummy possible and comfortable : this may relieve some women by relaxing muscles which ensures more restful nights before baby arrives."

Bruno Ducoux, osteopath 
Bordeaux - France

"I meet a lot of pregnant women who, regularly, tell me how they would love to be able to sleep on their tummy. I don’t see any problem with that position so long as the mattress adapts to their morphology, as the Eclosion® mattress does. The main thing is that the mom feels good."

Carole Mata, Midwife 
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"Sleeping on your tummy is not harmful for your future baby. It’s really up to you, if you are comfortably settled in this position. But that's not so easy when your tummy starts to take up more and more space.» 

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