The Eclosion Mattress : Aurelie’s Experience

The Eclosion Mattress : Aurelie’s Experience
Aurélie and her husband ordered the Eclosion Mattress during her eighth month of her first pregnancy. 
She kindly took time to write us and share her experiences.

About the Eclosion® Mattress :
The mattress was unpacked and installed by my husband. I was in charge of installing the inflatable maternity cushion and the pump. 
Installation is fast and easy thanks to the written instructions and the helpful tips over the phone a few days before. 
The look and feel of the mattress is pleasant, same for the inflatable maternity cushion. 
The only slightly negative point is the look of the remote control that could be better.

About the pump :
I was pleasantly surprised about how quiet it is when its inflating and deflating 
The Quality of mattress is wonderful. My husband and I enjoy quite a firm mattress- this one was perfect for our needs...
(Note from the Eclosion Store : the standard support for our Eclosion Mattress is semi-firm with a soft feel...but we can provide all support levels : soft- semi-firm and firm) 

About the inflatable maternity cushion :

This is the thing I was dreaming about !!
The cushion adapts to the shape of my tummy, according to the position I want to sleep in. 
As a result, I feel comfortable from the beginning of the night and I don’t turn over any more 20 times a night. 
My husband has finally started sleeping again, and I don’t worry any more about crushing him suddenly when I turn over ! 

Your Eclosion® Mattress has been adopted by Mr. and Mrs ! 
I spoke about your mattress to my midwife who was very interested. She has to visit next week and I think that I’ll do a demonstration for her. 
As far as I’m concerned, I’m completely satisfied with your product and will be recommending it to my friends. 
I wish you all the best to you and your company in promoting your unique product.. 

Aurélie from Vienne (France) - Winter 2017

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