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History :

This all-in-one box allows to succeed a Baby Shower as a professional.

For less than 20 euros per participant you will may impress the guests and the future-parents with an individualized e-invitation thanks to a choice of colours adapted for both girls and boys. In this box you find : an elegant diaper cake, many little games to share, and others surprises. More you can offer to the future mom a bubble drink without alcohol, in order to make a great party.

So you just have to choose the best cooks of you and to ask to the future mom to go out during some hours... Just the time to organize to her an amazing surprise.

Description :

This box is available in two sizes (6/8 and 12/15) and in three colours.
Your box for 6/8 people contains :

A service which send you an example of an e-invitation in order to help you to send your invitations by email as a professional 

? A DIY Diaper Cake kit to realize an amazing diaper cake including : 

  • a flock of small elastics
  • 3 huge molds for each floors of the cake
  • 1 large gold mold
  • a cardboard tube and a pretty glossy ribbon in the color of your box 
  • Adhesive tapes and a lot of cardboard decorations to cut oneself
? 1 explanatory note in order to succeed step by step your diaper cake 
? 1 double kit of cupcakes wrappers to cut, to personalize your table 
? 1 Baby Shower Box in which the future-parents
will keep preciously the wishes of all the participants

? A  Meri Meri crockery kit, in the color that you have choose :
  • 8 big cups 260 mL
  • 8 big plates 23 cm
  • 8 small plates 17 cm
  • 20 paper towels 16 cm

? 3 paper lights to hang (available in the chosen color)
Baby cotton pouch which will be the first gift for baby 
? So Jenny bootle of bubble drink without alcohol for the future mom who will can cheers with you in all serenity

And after birth?

Aside from having a good memory from the party and from yours potential gifts, the parents will can enjoy a long time their whises box and the beautiful baby cotton pouch.
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