Festive crockery kit for 8 people

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History :

Wow! This crockery is incredible with its stripes and it gold or silver border and it allows you to highlight any festive event that you would celebrate: birthday, picnic, baby shower, etc… It’s even possible to mix the three colors, Yellow, Orange and Aqua if you have many guests.

A very elegant and disposable cardboard crockery in the same time, which we doesn’t really want to junk at the end….

Description :

Your crockery Kit is available in three colors :

  • Yellow: a solar yellow with a gold edging 
  • Orange : an elegant  corail orange  with a gold edging
  • Aqua: a green/blue very fresh and light with a silver edging

The Meri Meri crockery kit available in the color of your choice :
  • 8 big cups 260 mL
  • 8 big plates 23cm
  • 8 little plates 17 cm
  • 20 paper towels 16 cm
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