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History :

You just slip into your Moodkit catsuit and feel amazingly comfortable, protected and beautiful. It offers multiple options for fabulous maternity outfit combinations. This creates a super-comfortable second skin, very soft (made without stiches), and very feminine that will serve as a base for your wardrobe. Just add one or several pieces from your standard wardrobe : a little skirt, a tunic, a dress, etc.

An ideal gift idea for the pregnant women because you can’t make a mistake about the size.

Fanny, the French creator of these amazing combis says: « This combi was the starting point of all my creative approach. I take care of all the details : the anti-perspirant microfiber, the knitting without seams, the innovative clip system (registered design), the modulable concept, the Oeko Tex label for the suppliant selection… Moodkit is the result of all these things, et it is made for you such as it was for me, my sister, my mother or my best friends… » Fanny- Moodkit girl in chief 


Description :

  • 3 possible colors : black - blue - grey 
  • Composition : 96 % Polyamid, 4 % elastane, anti humidity Microfiber
  • One size fits all
  • Seamless
  • Mix and Match
  • Machine wash 30
  • Air-dries quickly
  • No ironing

And after birth?

Moodkit is very innovative because the matter aligns with the shape of your body during your pregnancy and after. Furthermore is very convenient for the breastfeeding. Result: you can wear your Moodkit as long as you wish.

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