Pregnancy announcement "Fortune Cookies"

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History :

A special sachet of 15 fortune cookies, or “cookies of happiness.” These little hollow treats, made in France with love, each contain a message that will make one smile or simply make for a good laugh. 

You will find five fortune cookies in each bag, wrapped in gold packaging. The lovely message “J’ai le bonheur de t’annoncer que je suis enceinte” (in French for the moment) gives you the opportunity to surprise five people. 

Savor the moment as you watch loved ones open their fortune cookies and discover the news, perhaps at tea time ! 

Description :

A sachet of 15 cookies: 
• 10 cookies wrapped individually in silver, each holding a traditional message. 
• 5 cookies wrapped individually in gold, each with the message "J’ai le bonheur de t’annoncer que je suis enceinte" - in french -

Ingredients: wheat flour, egg white, sugar, water, butter, canola oil, non hydrogenated palm oil and natural flavors 

And after birth?

The cookies don’t last long...But the paper message, tucked away in an album or a birth book, makes for the perfect memory.

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