Pregnancy pillow case- one size, copper color

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History :

Dream of a pregnancy pillow that you can not only use but also are not embarrassed to have on the bed ? 
Well here it is! Our pillow cases, designed in France, have a modern look that will suit any room. 

It is made of soft cotton and is machine washable, the ideal gift for future mothers who “have it all.” 

Description :

  • 100% Cotton
  • Copper color
  • Medium size (175x35cm,) with zipper 
  • Machine washable 

And after birth?

The pregnancy pillow case helps to relieve your back during breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) as it keeps the baby against you. Even the dad will appreciate it! 
In the case of a caesarean, the pillow allows you to recover and nurse without putting pressure on the scar. 
You can use it to set your baby down in the crib or even at the park. As time passes you can use it to help your baby sit up. 
This pillow case's uses are endless !

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