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History :

Enjoy ten years comfort with the innovative Eclosion mattress, a French revolution in comfort for expectant mothers !

This unique mattress was designed in such a way that it adjusts to the various stages you’ll go through during your pregnancy, allowing you, for example to sleep face down on your tummy in comfort. The Eclosion mattress is, above all else, a high quality mattress combining just the right amount of firmness with a plush feel.. 

During your pregnancy, an ergonomically designed inflatable cushion is adjusted to the right shape whenever you need it, at the press of a button using a simple remote control.
As your pregnancy develops, you have complete control over the shape and comfort of your mattress, banishing those sleepless nights and giving you that added energy for the daytime ahead. The cushion can be placed on either the left or right sides of the bed, and can be inflated to lie flush with the rest of the mattress for sleeping on your side or back, or adjusted to create a softer hollow for sleeping on your tummy. And there is no need to worry about pressing the right button in the dark... our handy remote control is softly illuminated for use when the lights are off. 

When your pregnancy is over, simply remove the cushion and return the removable part of the mattress to continue enjoying our high quality, standard mattress. 

Please note that for optimal comfort, the fabric of the cushion is the exact same as that of the mattress. 

At Eclosion, we understand how critical sleep quality is during pregnancy, and so we are happy for you to try out the mattress for three weeks and, if you are not fully satisfied at the end of your trial period, we will give you a full refund of the cost of the mattress.

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And after birth?

Eclosion mattresses are wonderful to sleep on, whether you are pregnant or not… and because peace of mind is essential for a good night’s sleep, we offer a five year guarantee on our mattresses !

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The order of stretchable fitted sheets adapted to your ECLOSION® mattress. 

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From 90 to 100 cms wide for a length from 190 to 200 cms
From 140 to 160 cms wide for a length from 190 to 200 cms

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